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5 Day Surf Safari in Lombok and Sumbawa

Yacht Charter and Boat Rental in Bali

Adventure Provided by: Rod D. · Boat Owner

What to expect

Dudes! Come and snap up a quick 5-day surfing trip to Lombok and Sumbawa, on our fabulous new 77-foot trimaran. Whilst other surf charter boats are laid up around February, they are leaving a big vacancy on the waves of Southern Lombok and West Sumbawa.

The freak weather patterns of 2016 look like repeating in February 2017, so we thought, hey, this season the waves will just keep pumping on in from that big deep and dirty southern Indian Ocean. So you can wait until July and compete with hoards of surfers for the one ride, or you could come with us and try the empty waves that once defined Indonesian’s surf fame, on the coast of Southern Lombok and Sumbawa. And hey, dudes, in February, that onshore South-easterly trade wind has chilled right out and with that, goes the choppy mess that is the onshore pattern of July!

So, we jump right into it, by not wasting a day or two sailing to get to the Lombok breaks. We get our boat to Kuta Lombok, while you fly in the evening before, so we are right in the middle of break choices as soon as you wake up. Our trips are just 5 days and 5 nights and run over weekends, to maximise surf time and reduce your spend.

This trip is really unique, being offered at just $199 USD per night…that\'s 5 nights and 5 days…call it US $999.

Not into surfing? We have lots of options for yoga as well. This unusual trip sees us taking along our own guru-yogini high priestess of all things funky and our surfing guide and promoter is not just into waves, but also into twisting out tunes! DJ/Yogini/Surf freaks unite! Get well, eat well and get down!

This trip is part party, part yoga, very big on great waves and we are offering healthy food choices as well. Surf Yo Yo’s and explore all the bays along the southern coast of Lombok and the west coast of Sumbawa. This coastline serves up more wave choice than you could possibly surf in 5 days, so get ready to get wet.

It\'s around $35 USD to fly to Lombok, in case you want to spend a bit more time there on the way in or way out.

We are a liveaboard like no other. We are an Aussie designed and run boat, built from alloy to make a ridiculously wide and stable motor sailing trimaran. There is genuinely no boat like it here on planet earth, (albeit, NASA reports a sighting of a similar boat on the dark side of the moon...;-) )

Odds on, we might get a day or two of calm, so it’s out with the SUP battleships, motorbikes, cooking classes and yoga workouts. These destinations are pretty spectacular, so you cannot go wrong if it goes flat. But it\'s showing no sign of going flat so far, the waves just keep pumping in and there is no one there to catch them, as all the other boats and lodges have closed down.

Food-wise, we are going to be dishing up what’s healthy, as well as what is delicious, so get ready to get well. We will have 1 person looking after each two guests, so you will get plenty of good service on board.

It\'s a fully professional boat and crew, experienced at working in yoga and dive and we are seriously thinking these surf trips are a fun idea.

Contact us for more details!
For more info don't hesitate to contact the operator!
Who is this for?

Package includes

  • Food, fuel, fun, accommodation
  • Pre-ordered over head waves to come up 20 minutes before we arrive at each bay (we can hope!)
  • Super healthy food
  • We throw in a cooking class
  • We have a DJ aboard - so tunes all day
  • We have a yoga instructor aboard
  • This is about $750K USD of high tech super green boat... it is seriously fitted for safety... it's a very unIque boat
  • ...and if you lose it, we will find you... with twin 6-metre trimaran tenders
  • you get a private curtain cabin... 9 such curtain cabins, 3 with fold up double beds
  • Yes, we have a shower and a regular flush toilet...a flash bathroom
  • We have 4 SUP boards, 4.3m long as your own personal ship-to-shore cadillac
  • Yes, we have a spear gun. Don't break it.
  • Of course we have snorkelling gear
  • We have weird hats and masks... essential stuff!
Additional Services:
  • Beers, coconut water and soft drinks
  • Sorry, no annoying generator all day... we have 5000 watts of solar power!
  • Donald Trump is not coming
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