Here at nowboat, our focus is enjoying and protecting the ocean - and no time is too long or too short when it comes to seafaring adventures, so even if you only have a few hours to spare, we’ll surely have something to offer.

Yet, there’s nothing better than a sailing or cruising expedition to tickle the fancy of wannabe and seasoned seafarers - spending several days (or weeks) crossing oceans, falling asleep with the sound of the waves, with no land but just the great deep blue surrounding you. If this isn’t the ultimate escapade, I don’t know what is!

We have many expeditions included in the nowboat portfolio, and some of them also fulfill a conservation purpose, in line with our ethos of giving back to the ocean - because without the ocean, no adventures will be possible!

Here we’ve included 7 of our best expeditions - regardless of what you choose, we can guarantee it will be the adventure of a lifetime!

The Best Sailing Expeditions Around the World

1) Azores Expedition

Would you like to explore the ‘Hawaii of Europe’? I’m talking about the Azores, an archipelago just off the Portuguese coast in the Atlantic, known for its crystalline waters and volcanic landscape. This 10-day expedition around the archipelago includes the perfect mix of relax, adventure and culture - the itinerary includes hiking, visits to local villages and naturally some beach time.

2) Searching for Whales from Vancouver to San Francisco

Sailing around the North Pacific from British Columbia to California may not be your first option when considering a cruise - but if you’re a wildlife lover, add it to your list right now! This 10-Day expedition travels through the islands and fjords of the Pacific Northwest in late August, the ideal time for whale watching - you’ll have the chance to spot orcs, minke, grey, humpback whales and more!

3) 15 Days Between Sicily and Malta

Sicily is truly one of the most beautiful and diverse islands in the world, a place where you can enjoy millenary culture, hidden beaches, delicious food and lots of adventure opportunities. To make matters even better, ‘the Rock’ is just around the corner - I’m talking about Malta, the tiny island state off the southern coast of Italy, packing in a variety of sights and activities in just 316 square km!
This two-week expedition will introduce you to the best of Sicily and Malta, covering locations such as Taormina and Syracuse in Sicily, and Valletta, Gozo, and Comino in Malta.

4) From Greece to the Caribbean - over 11 MONTHS!

This may very well be the ultimate seafaring adventure on our portfolio - an 11 month voyage sailing from Greece to Cuba, covering world-famous sailing destinations like Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, before finally reaching Cuba. Your home will be a comfortable yacht, perfect for ocean expeditions - and the Mediterranean and Atlantic will be your wonderful backyard!

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