Where in Europe can you relax on beaches that have nothing to envy to the Maldives or Indonesia? Where can you visit ruins dating back 4000 years, hike some of the most beautiful coastal paths in the Mediterranean and enjoy lots of fun water sports - windsurfing or kitesurfing, anyone?

Yes, that’s right - I guess the title of this post kind of gives it away. Sardinia is far from being a secret - the island is blessed with so much natural beauty, that its popularity comes as no surprise. However, don’t expect crowds everywhere - Sardinia is a big island, Italy’s second largest after Sicily, and there are plenty of places that only see a trickle of visitors even in the busiest summer weeks.

The best way to explore Sardinia? On a private charter, of course! Our local operators will be glad to guide you to their favorite hidden beaches and coves, show you the best snorkeling locations and - naturally - cook some delicious Sardinian gourmet specialties for you. Are you really looking for more reasons to visit Sardinia now? If so, read on!

Reasons to Visit Sardinia - Beaches, Sailing, and More!

The Best Beaches in the Mediterranean

Sardinia has more beautiful beaches than anywhere else in Europe. With so many sparkling, crystalline stretches of sand and turquoise water in the country, some may think that tourism in Sardinia has existed for centuries. In fact, the Sardinian tourism industry was kick-started almost single-handedly by one man, the Aga Khan, in the Sixties, after he fell in love with the beauty of northern Sardinia.

Fast-forward just over 50 years, and tourism in Sardinia is one of the main sources of employment, and much of it is made up of beach lovers. Many Sardinian beaches are suffering from terrible overcrowding in the summer months, but there are still many undiscovered secrets like windswept Costa Verde in the southwest of the island, and Cala Goloritze on the opposite coast, accessible only by boat or on foot. A curious fact? Sardinia is also home to one of the most colorful beaches in the world!

Great Sailing Opportunities

Sardinia’s isolated location in the heart of the Mediterranean also means that the island is a fairly windy place, making it ideal for lovers of sailing and wind sports. One of the best places to enjoy steady, reliable winds is Northern Sardinia - make sure you also include Corsica and the beautiful La Maddalena archipelago in your voyage! Sardinia is also a great place to learn how to sail - our Sardinian operator Paolo designed this unique adventure for wannabe sailors, with an onboard skipper on hand teaching you how to navigate a yacht!

Chasing the Winds

Western Sardinia is another great destination for those looking for reliable winds - the Sinis area, located not far from Oristano, not only offers some of the best breezes on the island, it’s also full of things to do along the coast and inland if your group is not just adrenaline junkies. On this new week-long ‘chasing the winds’ cruise, there are daily opportunities to surf - with a kite, sail or just a surfboard, while landlubbers can hike or cycle along the coast or even attend a cooking course organized by locals. This is the ideal alternative if your party is quite diverse!

Playing Golf

Northern Sardinia isn’t just a great sailing destination- it is also home to some of the best golf courses this side of St.Andrews! This sailing and golf cruise around Sardinia and Corsica offers the ideal mix of relax and fun on the green, with three days sailing and three days golfing in exclusive clubs like Puntaldia and Pevero Golf Club, beloved by the Sardinian jet set. The itinerary also includes stunning Tavolara and Molara island located between Corsica and Sardinia.

Exploring Sardinia Inland

Naturally, visiting the coast is always one of the main reasons to visit Sardinia - but if you’re looking for one of Europe’s last untouched wildernesses, you should also spend a couple of days inland! There are hundreds of kilometers of trails where you’ll be the only one for miles, crags and walls perfect for climbers, dozens of caves to explore and the fascinating nuraghe, round-shaped ruins dating back 4000 years. Sardinian towns and villages are also worth a visit for their colorful costumes and street festivals, such as the mamuthones and issohadores, mysterious characters that brighten up village celebrations in Mamoiada, a town located in the heart of the island.

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