After a short summer break, we are back with our New this Month column! The last of the summer heat has now come and gone, and the Fall season is about to take over Europe, with its spectacular colors and clear skies

But what about those of us who still fancy sunshine and beach life? Fear not - October is a wonderful month to visit the Southern Mediterranean, and you may even have places like Santorini all to yourself! Alternatively, you could head off in search of sparkling sun and warmer climates to places like Thailand

New Boat Rentals & Yacht Charters - October

1) Spend a week spending the Thai Islands 

October is a great month to head to Thailand! Being the tail end of monsoon season, there's hardly a tourist to be seen - yet, normally downpours only last half an hour or so, with sunshine the rest of the day and spectacular sunsets for you to enjoy. This week-long sail around the Thai islands departs from either Krabi or Phuket and includes some offbeat secrets like Koh Phayama place that was described by CNN as 'Koh Samui in the 1970s'. Are you looking for sun, sea and relaxation? Don't miss this cruise!

2) Discover the spectacular Angthong Marine Park

Thailand is full of natural paradises with some of the best seascapes in the world - one of them is definitely Angthong Marine Park, located just north of Koh Samui, and ideal to explore by boat. Local operator Thom offers cruises around Angthong Marine Park, lasting as long as you wish, and including paradises like the Island of Koh Mae Ko, with an emerald lagoon at its center surrounded by clear limestone cliffs, with next to no tourists in sight.

3) Sailing Day trip from Cascais

Another place that offers its best in October is Portugal, where the summer heat is gone but it's still warm enough for some time at sea. Cascais is one of the liveliest cities in Portugal, miles away from the touristy bustle of Lisbon and Porto, with a young student population thanks to the city university. The city lies on the Atlantic coast, right where the Tejo River meets the sea - a day cruise from Cascais is a wonderful way to explore the coast and estuary, where sheer cliffs dip into the ocean.

4) Yacht Charter for Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix

Once upon a time, the glitziest event in the F1 calendar was definitely the Monaco Grand Prix - nowadays, Abu Dhabi offers some serious competition! This year, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will take place in late November, and now it's the time to make plans. The Grand Prix track is located on Yas Island, and a yacht charter is the ideal way to enjoy the event - you can watch F1 cars zip past from the comfort of your very own deck! This year's event will also include concerts by Guns 'n Roses, the Weeknd and Sam Smith!

5) Sunset Sailing in Santorini

Didn't we say that October is the most magical time to be in Santorini? The tourist crowds getting Insta shots on the roofs of Oia look like a very distant memory, and only locals and a handful of travellers will be found on the streets of this marvellous island. A sunset sailing tour around Santorini is wonderful year round, but in October it is just pure magic. From deserted volcanic beaches to fiery autumn sunsets, this is the ideal place to share with your significant one... or even pop that long-awaited question!

6) Day trip to Comino

Comino is a popular day trip destination year round, because of its sparkling Blue Lagoon - trouble, in summer it's absolutely packed with guests! October is the perfect time to visit, since the water is still warm enough for swimming but tourists are few and far between. This Comino day trip includes plenty of swimming and snorkeling time, tasty snacks, and also lunch upon request!

7) Sail the Norwegian Fjords

Whoever said that boat trips are best enjoyed in warm weather? A cruise around the fjords is one of Norway's quintessential travel experiences, not to be missed if it is your first time in the country. This day sail around the fjords departs from the Norwegian town of Tromso and it includes a freshly-caught lunch. You may also have the opportunity to watch wildlife gathering into the fjords - if you're lucky, that is!

8) Midnight Sun Sailing

Summer may be gone, but if you're planning an unforgettable trip to the great north in summer 2019, now it's the time to plan to get the best deals! Local Norwegian operator Alice offers sailing expeditions to witness the Midnight Sun, one of the greatest natural phenomena in the Arctic summer. Aboard a modern catamaran, you'll be watching the sun dip towards the horizon, shining a deep golden light even past midnight - a sight that will remain with you for many years to come, reminding you of the great, beautiful North.  


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