Our editorial team had great fun shopping on the most popular websites for ocean-inspired items, which also happen to have a great price.
Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to have just a few more treats to ease the trudge back into work? Or maybe, it’s the perfect time to be buying something fab for that far-off summer break you are looking forward to? Another good excuse is actually buying yourself something you were really hoping to receive at Christmas and did not get!
Whatever the reason, now is the time to grab yourself a bargain! So, just to get us all over the winter blues, here are some blue cross bargains you most probably ‘absolutely need’ - go on, you deserve it! :)

1. Blue Silk Culottes by Grana. We love them because they are 100% pure Georgette satin silk, they have an elasticised waist for a great fit and they are comfortable. Of course, we also love them because they are perfect to wear on a boat and ethically produced!

2. This wooden container ship. We love it because it’s not plastic, it’s adorable and kids need to put that damn iPhone down.

3. Striped Rash Guard by Perfect Moment. We love it because rash guards are better than sunscreen, of course you should wear both, but remember that most sunscreen in circulation actually pollutes the sea. Yes, sunscreens protect your skin from UV radiation, but they also contain a series of compounds that are harmful to the environment. A group of scientists has recently shown that sunscreens also contain a large amount of nutrients which disturb the balance of marine ecosystems!

4. Acrylic on canvas by Josh Smith on Paddle8. We love it because it’s blue and it shows a fish - duh! Joking apart, Paddle8 features some of the best contemporary art available out there. Josh Smith is an american artist from Tennessee, born in 1976. He has had several solo exhibitions across the world and was present at the Venice Biennale. His work often focuses on a few motifs, such as sunsets, his own name, fish and leaves. He takes them out of context in order to urge the spectator to look past the subject.

5. Adidas X Parley Trainers. We love them because Adidas partnered with Parley for Oceans to release the first edition of running shoes featuring uppers made using recycled plastic recovered from the sea. We also love them because… we cannot have them! They were a 50 pairs limited edition and they had to be earned rather than purchased. In order to gain a pair you had to enter an Instagram competition, submitting a video showing your commitment to stop using single-use plastic items.

6. The Dotty Clock designed by Abi Alice for Alessi. We love it because the turquoise version of this watch makes us feel like we are staring out of a window in Santorini. It’s just the sort of blue that makes you want to take a dip in the sea immediately. We also like it because clocks remind us time is flying by and we only live once.

7. Sharks, a photography book, by Micheal Muller for Taschen. We love it because it’s a limited edition, sharks are an endangered species and every living room table needs a cover like that one laying somewhere on it.

8. Yulex wetsuits by Patagonia. We love them because there is no neoprene! 85% of these wetsuits is 85% bio rubber, called Yulex coming from the Forest Stewardship Council and certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

9. Stainless Steel Bottle by EarthLust. We love it because... well, it features a jellyfish! It’s made from recyclable food grade stainless steel. The paint used is non-toxic and the bottle is BPA free. Most of the bottles featured on EarthLust’s website are limited editions and designs change and are updated over time. They are intended for cold beverages, like the chilled water you need to drink while sailing on a Nowboat adventure…

10. Blue Eco Friendly IPhone case by Pela. We love it because, like the product description says: “It’s blue like the Mediterranean Sea”. It’s BPA free and made with plant-based biopolymers. Pela says it will only break down in a composting environment. They also offer free shipping worldwide.

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