The recent WWF report called: Sixth mass extinction? Two-thirds of wildlife may be gone by 2020: WWF , was picked up by many international media and sparked a lot of positive conversation about what actions companies, people, parents, need to improve to try and save this planet.

In short the report claims that more than two thirds of the world's wildlife could be gone by the end of the decade. Since 1970, there has already been a 58% overall decline in the numbers of fish, mammals, birds and reptiles worldwide: that means wildlife across the globe is vanishing at a rate of 2% a year.
See the full CNN article here.

Like someone said... there is no planet B!

United Nations Advisor Fabrice Leclerc met with our Founder, Giovanni Alessi Anghini to discuss business ethics, environmental protection and much more..

D: Fabrice, you are dedicating your life to making sure companies change the way they behave, presumably to avoid seeing reports like that, I imagine? If you were the CEO of P&G or a huge corporation, what would you do? Where would you start from?

F: We thrive when the elements around us and inside of us are thriving - the water, the air, the soil, and where we take our energy from, the sun. These elements are, and have always been, the cornerstones of who we are, of all living species - the basis of our health, longevity and happiness - what really matters.
Most CEOs I know already apply this wisdom to themselves and their families. They buy organic food from the local farmer - mostly plant based… build eco-houses in nature, got rid of harmful chemicals and sources of radiation in their homes a long time ago, drink filtered water and organic fresh juices, and when they get sick, they call their naturopaths and use natural remedies.
So, if I were the CEO of a large corporation, I would LARGELY want to promote these approaches for my people at work and make it the cornerstone for everything my company makes or does. This is both simple and hard at the same time, but it is what modernity is all about.
If you want the light to come into your life, you need to stand where it naturally comes from.

D: Giovanni, as the founder of an ethical and transparent business, you are putting into practice many of the things Fabrice mentions. How hard is that?

G: Guiding and leading an organization through a certain set of values and behaviors and processes is a hard job, generally. It is even harder when you set standards for your company and team that are 10, 15 or even 20 years ahead in the world of business and business standards.
But actually, there really is no other option. It feels to me, that the only way to thrive in the world of business is not by considering shortcuts, but rather, by focusing on the long-term vision of the company's mission. Make yourself fully aware of the complexity of the path you have to follow, then together with your team, work on solutions that will lead your journey in the right direction - the only one acceptable for my generation - designing and crafting business models that are able to ethically support the entire stakeholder’s ecosystem - and by that I mean, including our planet! That way, we add value for everyone involved in the business equation, with the goal of leading a cultural revolution in the field of entrepreneurship and business.
“People, Profit and the Planet!”

D: Fabrice, do you think governments and institutions are helping companies enough?

F: We are in a shifting situation. There are still some people in power who were educated with the industrial age’s typical set of values - ego, competition, personal power… that doesn’t help, but things are changing very fast, this old thinking has proved to be wrong and the CNN report clearly shows that.
Evolution comes from us. It is our everyday choices which have the real impact. If you buy a salad full of pesticides, which has been travelling from the other side of the planet, you are choosing the consequences of that. If you grow it yourself or buy it from the local organic farmer, then you vote for a totally different world - you vote life. This same principle applies to everything.

D: Giovanni, give us another perspective. Do you think that funds, venture capital and people who say they want to disrupt existing business models and practices are really thinking ethically, thinking clean?

G: Well... most business people are focused on business! This means that for most of the financial players, the only thing that really matters is growth and profitability - on a large scale.
As Fabrice just said, the old generation of leaders is packed with "profit at all costs" investors and decision makers, there are only a few of them that are really handling their investment strategies with a holistic and humanistic approach. You can actually count them on the fingers of two hands, globally!
Luckily enough, there is MY generation which is now coming into play, a generation driven by an ethical approach to business.
Profit is still a central focus, of course, companies needs to be profitable to sustain their presence in the market, but the good news is the fresh perspective that we bring to the idea of profit.
On one side, you might consider profit to be the ultimate goal of a company or organization, but my generation considers the pursuit of profit as one fundamental aspect of a much larger mission, which for most of us is changing the world for good, shifting what the previous generation has done to us and our planet and preparing the world and society for future generations.
I strongly feel this approach is a generational quest and a duty.

D: Fabrice, what is it that you usually say to an executive or to a director that sparks a change in them?

F: You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bit bigger, darling!

D: Giovanni, do you feel your business model is appreciated? Do customers really see the difference? Have you received any positive feedback, so far?

G: What is happening through the nowboat experience is really eye-opening.
The way we are handling our business strategy and model is appreciated on both sides of the equation - supply and demand, professional charter agencies and travellers alike.
Not all of them are fully aware of the huge impact they are making while working through nowboat. Customers are primarily focused on finding their perfect sea adventure so that they can bring home incredible memories, and the professional operator’s principal priority is receiving a service that helps their business to become busier and grow. However, even though these may seem to be the primary needs of both parties, they are still making a big impact and joining a cultural and business revolution - I'm sure this will become clearer to them, as we go ahead.
In a few years, they will be able to say that they were among the first players in this and they should be proud of it!

D: Fabrice, if you were to pick a trip on Nowboat which one would you choose and why?

F: I would book Nowboat’s “Noah's Ark Special” for 100 years. That way, we can keep our animal friends safe until human beings have evolved into a smart enough species to be trusted with the natural world. Once that happens, I will happily sail back to the beach.

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