Valentina is our CRM manager. She loves her job and fulfilling our customers craziest requests, if you want a weird party aboard or are looking to organise an unforgettable proposal, well, she is your girl. She describes herself as a patient person, adores cats and dogs and any animal that breathes really.
Read the interview and get in touch with her if you want to organise your next Sea Adventure with us.

What do you do exactly for Nowboat? Explain your discipline like we were 2 years old!

I'm the Customer Relationship Manager (or Head of Sales, as I like to define myself in front of the mirror) and I take care of the sales department. Easy to understand: I wake up, open my email box filled with hundreds of emails from customers who are looking for a sea adventure. My job is basically overviewing and monitoring the activity between the operators and travellers, making sure their communication is effective and both get what they want. In the process, I like to "butter" them, send positive vibes, smiles, hearts, fishes and whales. Considering that I have an ego burst every time a booking is closed, I would like to close hundreds of bookings a day, so everybody will love me eternally!

If you could afford ANY of our trips which one would you take, with whom and why?

It would be one of the expeditions to the North Pole or Antarctica with my husband. It would be nice for a change to stop continuously sweating (I'm living in Goa, India and I'm from Switzerland - pitiful). Plus, If I can afford one of the most expensive sea adventures on nowboat, it means I'm rich enough to stop working for nowboat!

The last time you cried:

This morning, when I tried to flip the omelet Master Chef style and the pan failed.

A book everyone should read, and why.

Oceano Mare of Alessandro Baricco - why?

Your most rewarding moment with Nowboat:

When we were in Arezzo (Tuscany) for the nowboat meeting and the team left tons of pizza leftovers in the fridge. I could eat it all for several days.

If you had to give up pasta or pizza which one would it be?

This is such a mean stupid question.

If you had to give up movies or tv series which one would it be?

TV series.

If you had to give up one of your colleagues who would it be?

Anybody in the accounting team!

The worst Christmas present you got:

The worst part is that I don't even remember when I got my last Christmas present, but then I console myself: I've been Hindu for the past few years! 

Do you have a dog? A cat? What’s his name?

Dog: Scamper - he likes to sleep with his nose in his butt.
Cat1: Kikkoman - he think he is from Japan.
Cat2: Bianca or Fluffy - deaf and fat.

A place you visited you think everyone should see:


Tell us a secret, nobody’s reading!

The key is love. Start loving yourself and the magic will unfold.

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