Meet Federico, who, as an acquisition manager is in charge of bringing business professionals on our platform. He gets in touch with them, explain how we work and helps them register. In order to do so he spends time researching the best sea adventures in the world and vetting professional operators. What happens when he stops working? Federico is a writer, an actor, a classic literature junkie and a foodie!


What do you do exactly for Nowboat? Explain your discipline like we were 2 years old!

I contact boat operators to bring them on board. Then I contact boat operators to bring them on board. After that, I contact boat operators again to bring them on board. Then they come on board! And we start editing and choosing amazing adventures.

If you could afford ANY of our trips which one would you take, with whom and why?

I've travelled a lot in my life, but always around the Mediterranean: Europe, Northern Africa, Turkey... so I would choose a Vietnamese cruise in Halong Bay on a stunning traditional sailing boat, to delight my senses with Far Eastern legends. I would take with me Alberto, Silvia and Looby, my long-time travel buddies.

A book everyone should read, and why.

It's not a book, but a play. To be honest, I've written this play: "Noir - una storia sbagliata." Read it, because apart from scouting operators around the world and dreaming about destinations on foggy, rainy northern Italian afternoons, I'm a playwright.

Tell us about the place you live in.

I live between Milan and Lisbon. Milan is the place where I and up missing the Lisbon sea, Lisbon is the place where I miss Milan’s people. Milan and Lisbon are the places where I find myself missing Tunisia’s magic, but I've never been so bloody lucky as to move to Tunisia.

An easy to cook recipe we should try.

It's not easy, but it's a philosophy - Parmigiana di Melanzane. Don't ask for the recipe. Ring each Italian family’s doorbell to ask for their own traditional recipe and hopefully taste it! Jokes apart - here a link to a quite good recipe

If you had to give up pasta or pizza which one would it be?

Do you want to kill me?! To see me starving?! I'm an Italian man!!!! Therefore I am not giving up anything.

A place you visited you think everyone should see.

Milan, Lisbon and Tunis. And my beloved Mediterranean space in between.

Tell us a secret, nobody’s reading!

It could be very tricky to read my play, as no one has published it. Millionaire editorial contracts are welcome at this point! 

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