Fabio is our CTO, and he happens to also be the guy who makes everyone laughs - as he sure knows how to make a joke. At the same time we wouldn't recommend messing with him during a work meeting... He loves doing his job well and he is incredibly serious about it.

What brought you all the way to Nowboat?

A call from Giovanni, the site’s founder, 4 years ago when he told me his crazy idea in an enthusiastic way.

Your favorite part of the day?

Early morning.

What do you do exactly for Nowboat? Explain your discipline like we were 2 years old!

I’m the Art Director, CTO and founder of Warning Studio. I brought my 20 years of experience as a technical project manager to nowboat.

When you are not working you…

I’m a gamer, I like to travel, I like sun, dancing and partying. I’m a zumba dancer.

If you could afford ANY of our trips which one would you take, with whom and why?

I would absolutely choose the Seychelles, with Tania, because Giovanni promised me!

Your 2017 resolutions are:

To make all my projects successful - one of those is nowboat!

The last time you cried: 

I don’t remember, but usually I cry when I am unwell and watch a movie!

A book everyone should read, and why.

The shadow of the wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, it keeps you turning the pages and you can’t put it down!

Tell us about the place you live in:

I live in Verbania, it’s a very beautiful place, but the world has many beautiful places.

Your most rewarding moment with Nowboat:

Everytime that i see the statistics on the platform!

If you had to give up pasta or pizza which one would it be?


If you had to give up movies or tv series which one would it be?


If you had to give up one of your colleagues who would it be?

Giovanni and Giulia! :)

The worst Christmas present you got:

Nothing - in my earlier life, at Christmas, I didn’t receive gifts.

Do you have a dog? A cat? What’s his name?

Yes, she’s called Belle.

If you could be any animal which one would you want to be?

A black stallion.

A quote that describes your philosophy of life:

Feel the music, join the party… Or as I said to Giulia: “... remember the athlete needs a daily workout!

An easy to cook recipe we should try:

Beer stewed chicken.

A place you visited you think everyone should see:


Tell us a secret, nobody’s reading!

I’m a super intelligent and very beautiful man! And…

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