Ibiza is almost synonym to 'party'! This Balearic Island has been Europe's hedonism central for several decades now, and the majority of teenagers and twentysomethings have dreamed of its legendary parties, dancing from dusk till dawn (and beyond!) in big-name clubs such as Pacha, Amnesia and Cafe del Mar. 

True, Ibiza does have a party-loving soul - but it also conceals a hidden, mellow side, of long, lazy days spent on the beach in the shade of a tree, joining impromptu drum sessions at sunset and dreaming of a 'summer of love' that will never truly end. There are so many things to do in Ibiza besides partying, making this island a wonderful destination not just for young people, but also for wannabe hippies and yogis, families, nature-lovers and anyone looking for hidden beaches, wild nature, and opportunities for water sports. 

Sailing around Ibiza is the best way to escape the crowds that pack the island in summer, allowing you to have the best vantage point to reach secret beaches and coves, and offering a comfortable place to retreat to after a day of adventures. Here are our 7 favorite things to do in Ibiza away from the clubs - but trust us, there's so much to explore!

Things to do in Ibiza

Explore the Hippy Markets

Ibiza has a unique artsy history which goes all the way back to the 60s. That’s a period when plenty of different artists, artisans, and flower children visited the island because of its mellow vibe - and some stayed. This led to a tradition of hippie markets where you can buy trinkets of all sorts, all of which are handmade, and have a unique design and feeling. There’s not only one single hippy market – there are plenty of them, and they happen around the island all the time. Some of the best include Punta Arabi and Dalias Hippy markets.

Diving in Las Salinas

The Mediterranean may not be as well known as the Caribbean Sea and Indian Ocean when it comes to diving, but it's no less beautiful - and living proof of this is the area of Las Salinas. Found on the southernmost tip of the island, it’s a wonderful beach with perfectly beautiful waters - even just swimming there is amazing! 

However, the main draw of Las Salinas is diving - the water temperatures are always favorable, and with visibility being as high as it is, it’s one of the best places you have in the entire region, perfect for newbies, but also for experienced divers. You may spot octopus, colorful starfish, open-sea fish such as barracuda, and maybe even a moray eel or dolphin if you're very lucky!

Chill on Cala d’Hort Beach

One of the most beautiful places on the island of Ibiza, this is a beach with absolutely stunning views and even better waters. It’s slightly secluded, as it’s a bit off the beaten path, but it becomes very popular in the summer so it’s constantly filled with people - with your own boat, you'll have the chance to get there first, before the crowds arrive! There are many excellent bars and restaurants, and surfing is a popular activity, but the best thing to do is just lying on the beach, half sandy and half pebbly, and where you can relax while viewing the island of Es Vedra laying mysteriously on the horizon.

Get Close to Es Vedra

There’s a legend about this mysterious island off the coast of Cala d’Hort, that says that Es Vedra is all that remains of the ancient civilization of Atlantis. While that might not be true, there are plenty of other myths that are connected to Es Vedra, like it being the third most magnetic spot on the planet. Even despite the aura of mysticism, you cannot visit the island, because it’s a natural reserve with numerous wildlife species.

However, with your private charter you can sail around Es Vedra, marvel at its clear turquoise waters and look at the island from your deck.

Sunday Drumming on Benirras Beach

Ibiza's hippy culture has always promoted peace, love, acceptance and mutual understanding. One of its most famous traditions on the islands started as an anti-war demonstration, to protest the first Gulf War in the early Nineties. Since then, every Sunday there’s a group of people that gather on the beach of Benirras at sunset, and the main event is a drum concert that celebrates peace and love – and of course, everyone is invited.

Visit Dalt Vila

Ibiza's Old Town – also known as Dalt Vila – is truly a sight to remember, even though I bet that none of you thought that sightseeing around a town would be a thing to do in Ibiza! You'll definitely need a pair of good shoes to visit the unique architecture, cobbled winding streets, and old stone courtyards of the town - and if you think that the translation of Dalt Vila is actually 'Upper Town', you'll understand why there's quite a bit of walking involved! Enter through the drawbridge crossing Portal de Ses Taules and just explore at will - make sure you pay a visit to the Mirador de Dalt Vila for truly amazing views!

Take a Day trip to Formentera

Another not-to-be-missed destination near Ibiza is a relatively small island, or at least smaller than Ibiza itself, which rivals its larger neighbor in beauty and popularity - none other than Formentera! It’s most known for its amazing beaches, which are said to be so good they can even put the fines beaches in the Caribbean to shame. It’s a relaxing destination which can be reached easily as a day trip with your private yacht or sailboat from Ibiza, and is ideal to unwind after an active holiday. With azure waters and white sand, Formentera is one of those places where you'll want to stay forever!

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