Giovanni Alessi Anghini - aka our founder - is incredibly excited to be in London today among some of the world's most prominent business leaders, for a conversation and interactive workshop called: Beyond Profit: the future of leadership. The event is organised by the B Team and among the guests are entrepreneurs like Paul Polman - the CEO of Unilever, Bob Collymore, the CEO of Safaricom and Dr. Mo Ibrahim, the founder of the Mo Ibrahim foundation

So, what are they discussing exactly? Well, business has been so far motivated primarily by profit, but considering the current level of polluted air most of us breathe and the plastic floating in the ocean... this approach is clearly not an option anymore.

Everyone is looking for those companies that want to do more than just make money, by creating virtuous ecosystems and being at the service of society and the environment.


It's time for Plan B! Businesses should drive benefit for people and the planet. "This is why at Nowboat" says our founder Giovanni Alessi Anghini, "we made sure we created a business model which is becoming a fundraising tool for NGOs. The way we work is simple: every time a traveler books through our platform we donate 3.5% of our profit to a project of the traveler's choice among the ones we feature. We currently work with Mission Blue, Antartic and Southern Ocean Coalition and the Plastic Pollution Coalition for example - making sure we help protect the ocean and the incredible environment that makes all our sea adventures possible".

Most entrepreneurs struggle to find the best way to use this concept as a driver for growth and innovation, even those who have good intentions and have a clear understanding of how their business is impacting the environment and mass consumption. 

The B Team is a non-for-profit formed by a group of global business leaders that is promoting a better way of doing business, for the wellbeing of the people and the planet. That's what today's workshop at the Unilever House is about: "There is a real competitive advantage to be gained by companies that embed this concept in their business. Entrepreneurs that embed purpose in their company DNA from the start, rather than reverse engineering once they become large and complex, enjoy an even greater competitive advantage. We call this being 'born B'".

Giovanni adds: "I am so incredibly excited to be in London and be able to take part in this conversation and interactive workshop with some of the world's key business people. I am very keen to hear about their purpose-driven approach and how their organisations are using it successfully to drive their companies".

Follow the workshop and discussion live here: broadcasting live

Find out more about the B team and what they do here! 

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