If Santorini is the island of romantic love, summer flings, orange sunsets and blue-domed houses, Mykonos is the island of fun, party and...more fun. Winter is finally over and a party holiday in Mykonos is exactly what you need to do this summer. Don't think twice and just rent your boat to best explore the island, book one of the many Mykonos boat trips or Mykonos cruises to reach all the hidden beaches and of course, throw wild parties from sunset to sunrise (and vice-versa!) on your own private yacht. Whether you are planning to rent a private charter, join a Greek islands hopping tour, jump on board a party cruise in Mykonos, you won't regret it: THIS is the place to be this summer. 

Party night. And day. 

The party options in Mykonos nightlife are endless, but nothing really beats planning and hosting your own party aboard your yacht with your best friends. Of course, clubs and bars are great on the island, but drinks in Mykonos clubs and Mykonos bars can be crazy expensive, so what about kicking off the night aboard your private charter before hitting the dancefloor?

Once you have had some private fun, hit the mainland and pick your favourite venue. Most of the bars and clubs are in Mykonos Chora, easy to reach from wherever you are anchoring your private boat. Most of them are stylish and trendy and often invite international DJs to get the party started. 

There are also beach parties going on all through the summer and the best way to know about them is to keep an eye open for advertising posters while strolling around town. 

Best bars & clubs in Mykonos

In Mykonos, there are lots of music options, both local and international. For the Greek music fans (Ellinadika), you should head to Thalami next to the town hall, the Mykonos Bar or to Giuzel 9 Muses at the east side of Akti Kambani. At the Three Wells, you will find the famous Aegli, one of the hot spots of Mykonos nightlife and on the other side of the road the Asteria Bar another great stop for your night out.

Pierro's, the famous gay bar kicks off its wild parties after midnight behind the square of Agia Kyriaki, while El Pecado Remezzo still is one of the favourites clubs in Mykonos' diverse nightlife. If after dancing for hours, you find yourself feeling peckish again, just head to Kavos, the bar restaurant below Remezzo that stays open 24 hours to feed the party goers. In fact, in Mykonos, the parties go on until the morning and they often move to the beach bars like Cavo ParadisoTropicana in Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Bar Sol Y Mar in Kalo Livadi and Elia bar in Elia beach. These are also some of the best beaches in Mykonos

The best time to party

The summer season has just started in Mykonos but peak party season is between July and August when wild crowds of "party animals" will come to the gorgeous island to celebrate summer and great music. If you want to catch the world's best DJs and probably the craziest parties, August is your best bet. July is also a very good option while things are much quieter in June and September.  

Before, after and in between parties... 

Mykonos, like all the other islands in Greece, is a stunning place for water sports and activities. In between a club and a bar, whether you are sailing or cruising around the island, you should totally make some time for snorkelling in Mykonos, hit some of the best diving spots in the Mediterranean, jump on a sunset cruise, hop on one of the many Mykonos excursions and don't forget your kitesurf!  

If you choose to explore Mykonos on a private charter or sailboat, then you should definitely include more of the nearby islands like ParosNaxos or Santorini or even take your crew all the way to Kos. If you rather stay put in Mykonos, then maybe you can book a day boat charter, a day tour or just enjoy life on the beach.

Party animal or not, day or night, there is something for everyone in Mykonos! 

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