We spoke with Dimitris, one of our operators, that works in Greece. Read below his suggestions to plan your perfect trip, in one of the best countries in the southern Europe to spend your holiday!

Which is the best period to visit the Greek Islands?

All year round, but mainly April to November.

If someone has a week to spend there what itinerary do you suggest for a family and for a couple?

Both for a family and a couple it’s great to visit the Cyclades and South North Evvia.

What is the best itinerary for a group of young people looking to party?

They could start at Athens and then spend the night in South of Athens and visit the summer fancy nightclubs there. Afterwards they can go to Antiparos, the new Mykonos in Greece, and during the day they can visit Mykonos or Santorini, or they can swim around the small group of islands like Rinia.

And last but not least, what is the perfect sailing adventure for very active/sporty people?

We could follow the route of the Aegean regatta, which takes place every summer. There are more than 500 sailing boats participating every year.

Some people are concerned Greece is full of tourists, but it’s also true what with a boat one can escape the crowds… What are the islands that are stunning however are less visited?

There are plenty of islands all over the Aegean Sea, like Koufonisia, the Rinia complex, Marmari in South Euboea, Porto Bufalo, Kea or Andros, and Thassos, Limnos, and Lesvos.

What winds blow in Greece?

There are two types of winds: thermal winds and trade winds (meltemi). Mainly the thermal winds blow in spring, and the meltemi blow in July, August, and September. Both thermal and meltemi winds offer great sport activities during all seasons.

Which are the typical dishes that we have to eat, during a cruise in Greece?

Dakos, which is a gourmet/Cretan version of the Greek salad, moussaka, and of course, all types of seafood and souvlaki.

Apart of Mykonos that is famous for its nightlife, which other islands offer a great nightlife?

Paros, Naxos, Santorini, and Ios.

What is the best dress code to sail?

Comfortable sets of clothes. Long-sleeve, to cover the skin from the sun and light fabric to keep cool.

Is it possible to rent a boat without skipper in Greece? 

Yes, if one has a skipper licence, they can rent a boat all over Greece.

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