Those who visit Bali understand immediately why this Indonesian island has charmed travelers for centuries. It's not just about the Balinese culture, the surf beaches, the rice paddies, temples, and spectacular sunsets - it's a mixture of all these things that make Bali a truly unique place to be. 

Yet, when it comes to nature, Bali truly stands out. Most visitors tend to crowd the same locations, but the island is a veritable treasure trove of natural secrets to explore - from waterfalls to rock formations, wild beaches to jungles, Bali is heaven for nature lovers. 

Bali is also a place that lends itself to seafaring exploration - sailing around Bali is a great way to explore nearby islands like Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan, or even the Gili Islands or Lombok to give a valuable contribution to locals that are trying to kick start the tourism industry again after the devastating earthquake of August 2018. 

Here are 6 wonderful places for nature lovers in Bali, some known, some less known - do you have anything to add?

Peguyangan Waterfall Nusa Penida

This waterfall and the area around it are one of the most unique attractions in Bali. Yet, to get there and enjoy it in all its magnificence, you'll have to work out! It is necessary to go down a long set of stairs, but you’ll be awarded with perfect views every step of the way. The waterfall itself is stunning, but the other highlight of the spot is the holy site and temple near it, so there’s always a nice and relaxing atmosphere present in the area.

Tegalalang Rice Fields Near Ubud

The rice fields near Ubud are one of Bali’s most famous attractions. They’re uniquely irrigated rice fields that are very well-known for their terraced layout, and merely walking along them is a treat - not to mention, they're the perfect Instagram backdrop! The area is incredibly scenic, and to make matters even better, it's a very short ride from Ubud. There is no entry fee per se, but the locals request a small donation fee to support their livelihood. The fields are sprawling and it would take some time check them out, and the views are entirely spectacular. The heat during the day can make the visit unpleasant, so make sure to visit earlier in the morning.

Monkey Forest

Bali is filled with unique locations, and the Monkey Forest with its temple is definitely one of them. It’s a controversial area, mostly because it’s densely populated by monkeys, who sometimes steal food and drink or get a bit too 'familiar' with tourists. Other than that, it’s a very beautiful and relaxing spot, and as long as you don’t carry anything of value that can be easily stolen, you can easily enjoy roaming around. There's also a tranquil temple, and the atmosphere is generally peaceful. This is one of the best places in Bali to get close to monkeys, and observe them going about their daily lives.

Mount Batur

Do you remember the volcanic eruption that rocked Bali last spring? It wasn't Mount Batur, but nearby Mount Agung - Batur last reupted in 2000, and it's perfectly safe to hike! There are few better ways to start a morning than watching the sunrise from its peak. The volcano is around 1700 meters tall, and it’s considered one of the best hiking spots on Bali. From here you can observe practically the entire island with ease, and nature itself around is wild and pristine. It takes about 2 hours to trek to the summit for experienced hikers.

Blahmantung Waterfall

Blahmantung waterfall and its surrounding area are one of Bali’s best offbeat spots. It’s located in Pujungan village, about an hour and a half from Tabanan. The waterfall itself is only about 25 meters tall, but the atmosphere is absolutely unparalleled. The entire area has a very relaxing feel, as the spot feels frozen in time and secluded from all the troubles in the world. The surrounding nature is breathtaking, with the coffee and cacao plantations nearby.

Suluban Beach

This beach is one of Bali’s most secluded spots, but the hassle to reach it is very much worth it. Parking is not hard to come by, but there aren't many places to stay at - so you can either make a day trip out of it, or add it as part of your Bali cruise. To reach the beach you’ll need to go down narrow gaps in the rocks and some log ramps, but once you get to the bottom you’ll be treated by the sound of crashing waves, crystalline waters, and an enormous cavern perfect for camping and bonfires. The atmosphere is very calming, and sunrises are truly unforgettable. 

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