From big-game fishing in the wild blue ocean, to the serenity of an inland lake; from the mighty rivers of the Americas, to the stealthy strategy of night fishing in Asia, there is something magical about dropping anchor and setting your line. Let’s face it, when you’re hooked you’re hooked. And whether you’re an experienced professional, an enthusiastic amateur or you just fancy something a bit different, the biggest question on your mind is going to be: “Where are they biting?”

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The 5 best spots

Experts and enthusiasts will argue this one for years. But here are 5 of our current favourites:
1. Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Canada (August to October).
If you're looking for big tuna, it doesn’t get better than here. Whether you’re angling for a stand up fight or ready to savour a few hours in the chair, it’s not hard to find 300-450kg fish here. It’s a catch and release zone, but recent changes allow some boats to keep a few fish each year. We can check the details for you!
2. Key West, Florida (Year Round)
This is your classic sport-fishing town. You’ll find a mix of open water, reefs and flats that make for some of the most incredible all-round fishing grounds. No other town is quite as well designed around anglers and all their needs. And then there are a never-ending variety of seafood restaurants and great old-school fishing bars.
3. Cairns, Queensland, Australia (September to mid-December) “If you can’t catch it in Queensland, it can’t be caught”. The famous Great Barrier Reef is home to everything from giant black marlin to monster barramundi, as well as a kaleidoscope of colourful reef fish. The stretch from Cairns to Lizard Island runs 250km and the adjacent estuaries and smaller inlets are truly superb.
4. Alphonse Island, Seychelles, Indian Ocean (October to April) The idyllic Seychelles is an archipelago located just south of the equator and around 1500km east of Africa. Consisting of around 115 islands (we’re still counting them!) it might be one of the world’s smallest nations but it has some of the biggest fishing grounds you’ll ever see. Amid the deserted atolls, turquoise water and white sandy beaches, you’ll find giant trevally, bonefish and exotic milkfish. Nearby Bojitier and St. Francois islands are also fabulous. Luxury accommodations abound.
5. Andaman Sea – Phuket, Thailand (Year Round)
Close to the tourist haunts of Phuket, but a world away in terms of serenity, are the stunning waters of the Andaman Sea. Here you’ll find a list of fish longer than that poster at your local fish shop. Yellow Tail, Trevally, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Mackerel, Black Marlin, Sailfish and Barracuda to name only a handful. Cruising around these waters you will be forgiven for believing this is fishing heaven.

“A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work."

The 5 best tips

We love the sea. We love to fish. But we also know you’ll want to safely get the most out of your trip. So here are a few pointers we’ve picked up over the years.
1. Do your homework
Proper equipment and the right bait are obviously a must. Yes, different fish have different appetites when it comes to food! Get maps and local reports and check with the locals for activity before you head out.
2. Consider catch and release options.
So many of our amazing fishing areas are now overfished. And we shouldn’t forget that local communities often depend on fishing for their survival and stability. A catch and release zone can give you some of the biggest thrills and adventures without compromising Mother Nature.
3. Plan your time of year
Fortunately, a lot of our favourite spots are great all year round. But sometimes the best time for beach time is the worst time for fishing. Rough seas are to be avoided.
4. Peace and Patience.
Remember you’re here for fun. On rivers, try to keep noise to a minimum and relax. But don’t nod off! You’ll still need to keep a close eye on your gear for any sign of movement. Sometimes you’ll need to play that fish like a delicate violinist.
5. Bring food!
Even if you’re planning on eating your catch, you might be waiting a while. So bring some food and drink to keep you going. Once you’ve filled your quota, it’s time to figure out what you’ll do with all that fish – cook it on board or over a cozy beachside BBQ. Or perhaps take it to the local restaurant and have them cook it to order. Nothing like catching and enjoying the fruits of your labour.

The best way to go

What better way to head to your preferred fishing ground than by sea? If your destination likes inland, the boat can wait for you or pick you up anywhere along the coast and drop you off wherever you decide, meaning your trip is completely customisable. Choose from a timeless wooden sailing yacht, an elegant catamaran, a magnificent schooner or any of the beautifully equipped vessels.

Looking for an unforgettable holiday?
Get in direct contact with local operators!
Receive and compare multiple offers today!