It's a completely different experience to put on a mask and snorkel and embark on a journey of discovery in the undersea worlds that are waiting just a metre or even a few centimetres below the surface. And, apart from the marine life you get to see, the other beauty of snorkelling is that pretty much anyone can do it as it doesn’t need special training or skills, only the ability to swim and breathe through a plastic tube.

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5 Reasons to Love Snorkelling

1. It’s simple and safe
You don't need to head far, far offshore or be a pro free diver to get the most out of snorkelling. In fact, you can expect some of your best snorkelling experiences to be in shallow tidal pools - water that’s less than waist deep.

2. Leave stress on the surface
Forget everyday stresses and strains…once you get your head underwater, the silence and the sheer beauty of the marine life and environment will intrigue and enchant you to the point where you’ll experience a total escape from the ‘dry’ world.

3. Time is on your side
Because you’re not ruled by a clock (like running out of air with scuba), you can spend as much time as you like studying fish, looking closer, waiting for other creatures to appear, taking time to take photos, appreciating and getting to know the habits of a variety of marine life.
4. New worlds await
There’s always something incredible to find. Whether it's the sight of an octopus mating, an impossibly brightly coloured school of reef fish or an encounter with a stingray, there are whole new worlds waiting to come to life before your eyes.

5. It’s good for you
Snorkelling is full of health benefits - and not just from the salt water. It invigorates the body, mind and soul in one single swoop - possibly because the slight resistance you face when breathing through a snorkel forces you into slow rhythmic breathing, equivalent to yoga or meditation.

“The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves.” 

Everyone who loves to snorkel will swear by their favourite spots so, not to be left out, here are our our top 5:    

 5 Favourite Places to Snorkel

1. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Consisting of 900 tiny islands off the coast of Queensland in northeast Australia, The Great Barrier Reef is considered by most to offer the best snorkelling in the world. Filled with over a million different types of beautiful coral and thousands of tropical fish species, as well as being the home to giant clams, turtles, dolphins and sharks, it’s the ultimate destination for underwater adventures.
2. The Seychelles
These 100 islands that lie in the clear turquoise waters off the coast of Kenya are full of some of the most fabulous snorkelling spots on the planet. The stunning topography of expansive, breathtakingly beautiful reefs, walls, pinnacles, drop offs, wrecks and canyons is teeming with both fish and coral life and makes for one of the most diverse marine environments you could hope to find.
3. Alligator Reef Lighthouse, Florida Keys
One of the Upper Keys’ largest coral reef systems, the snorkelling grounds are located around and under an old lighthouse tower that marks the shallow reef. The area has a constant flow of very clear blue ocean water, providing excellent visibility and attracting many different varieties of fish. In the deeper waters close by, you can find many bigger species, like Barracuda and even the occasional Hammerhead shark…
4. Blue Lagoon, Bali
Clean, clear water set in a tropical paradise, Blue Lagoon is a favourite snorkelling spot for new snorkellers because it is extremely calm. The snorkelling area has a sandy bottom and is home to an exquisite, live coral reef. While you’re exploring it, look out for cuttle fish, angel fish, cow fish and moray eels - and make sure you take your camera, the lagoon is exceptionally good for underwater photography. Food, showers, and restaurants are also available right there on the spot.
5. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Be aware…a friendly sea lion or group of turtles might pop over to say hello during your Galapagos snorkel. Unlike other of our favourite spots, snorkelling in the Galapagos Islands doesn't revolve around colourful coral and multi-hued tropical fish. Instead, being the basis of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution, this is the place to see big marine life - think sea lions, sharks, dolphins, turtles and even penguins.        

The Best Way to Go Snorkelling

The most exhilarating - yet relaxing - way to travel to your choice of snorkelling locations is definitely by boat. Whether you’re up for island hopping in Asia, fancy a cruise round the Great Barrier Reef or hitting the Florida Keys, we can take you there and we’ll wait for you there for as long as you want, then sail on to your next destination. Plus, you can choose your very own style of sailing from any of the beautifully equipped vessels.    

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