Halkidiki is a true little universe in Greece that you should delve in with all five senses turned on. Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. No, these aren't the names of ancient Greek goddess or heroes, these are the names of the three fingers of the Halkidiki peninsula. And maybe the fact that the first two are female names while the third isn't, it is also the reason why Athos is off limits to women as it’s home to the famous monastic state, Mount Athos. Whether you decide to sail or cruise around this wonderful part of the world, we are sure you are going to have an incredible time with your friends and family. 

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People of Halkidiki 

The Chaldideans were the native people which gave a name to this area also known as Chalcidice, Chalkidiki, Chalkidike or nowadays, Halkidiki. The area was a colony of the ancient Greek city-state of Chalkis. Inhabitants of this peninsula, like most Greeks, are very friendly, welcoming and warm. Don't be surprised if they invite you home for a cup of coffee or a glass of refreshing juice. Among the many remarkable natives of Halkidiki, like Stefanos Athanasiadis, the Greek footballer, Xenophon Paionidis, the famous architect and Sokratis Malamas, a renowned singer, it is worth remembering that this land also gave birth to one of the most brilliant minds of all times,  Aristotle, who was born here in 384 BC.


Petralona Cave

Wander in awe in this ancient natural sculpture. With stalactites that shine in the dark, this is one of the most incredible caves in Europe and totally one of the must-sees in the area. 

Drop the anchor in a secret, secluded port

We said it many times: the best way to explore Greece is by private boat tour, but do you know why you should jump on one of our many Halkidiki boat trips? Well, let me just tell you that if you have your own yacht charter or sailing boat you will be able to reach a secret harbour that lies through an opening just 300m wide behind the cliffs to the south of Sithonia. It's called the “deaf port” because standing inside the gulf you cannot hear the sea. 

Aristotle’s home

As mentioned above, Aristotle, one of the most prominent philosophers of ancient Greece, was born here and while exploring this area you might catch a glimpse of his thinking and findings on the meaning of life. Make sure to visit ancient Stagira, Aristotle’s birthplace, near the village of Olympiada. Here, you’ll find the Alsos of Aristotle, a compass, pendulum, prism, basically all the instruments he wrote about in his Physics. 


Aboard your private Halkidiki cruise, you will have the perfect opportunity to stop and venture to the traditional Greek villages spread all around the area. Worth a mention are Arnaia and Afitos, two little gems covered with cobblestones, traditional Macedonian architecture and interesting museums. If you happen to be there during Christmas, a mandatory visit is to the village of Taxiarchis where families engage in the cultivation of fir trees in the beautiful mountain of Holomonta. 

Pleasures in Halkidiki

Beach hopping by private charter 

Awarded with 33 Blue Flags in 2014, Halkidiki features 550 kilometres of beautiful beaches! It is impossible to count them all, but aboard any of our boat trips in Halkidiki, you will be sure to visit the best beaches of Halkidiki. From the west, you will see Herakleia, Nea Kallikratia and Nea They which are very popular, fully organised and perfect for families with children. Another great option for families is Sithonia which is a true kids' paradise. Don't forget to stop at  Nea Plagia, Sani Beach, Fourka, Flogita, Dionysiou Beach and Agios Mamas. Some are little and secluded, others offer all sort of water activities you can wish for, including diving and snorkelling (more details below). For a romantic break, take your other half to Mola Kaliva, Nea Skioni or Glarokavos. Wherever you are, stop to admire the pine trees perching to the water’s edge, relax on the white sand, explore the beautiful bays, swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear water. 


For the mountain lovers, Halkidiki is also home to many mountain biking and walking paths which cut through the forests of pine, oak, fir and chestnut trees. The clean, pure, fresh air will refresh you after days spent on the beach and drinking directly from the many springs will add to the wilderness feeling. 

Fun above the water: surf, windsurf, kitesurf, skiing

What about surfing in the Mediterranean? Yes, it's possible and Sarti is a hotspot for surfers while Kassándra and Sithonia are excellent for windsurfing, kitesurfing, water skiing and many other sea sports. If you happen to visit Halkidiki in July, every year a major swimming event takes place at Toronéos which attracts swimmers from all over the world.

Fun below the water: snorkelling & diving 

Get yourself a mask and a snorkel and make sure to go snorkelling in Halkidiki. Whether you have previous experience or not, snorkelling here is a must-do since our crews will take to the best Halkidiki snorkelling spots, including Toroni, a small village off the southern tip of Sithonia, the central Halkidiki peninsula. Here, off the beach and underwater, you'll find the ruins of the ancient Lecythus castle, with some large foundation stones often visited by schools of fish, octopus and other invertebrates. In Kassandra, you can also find excellent spots for snorkelling, including underwater caves and tunnels. If you want to dive deeper, the three-pronged peninsula of Halkidiki is one of the best scuba diving destinations in Greece for all levels. Not only rock formations, great visibility and warm waters, but also reefs, underwater caves and even old shipwrecks. Some dive schools even offer diving trips around Mount Athos, a holy Orthodox place that is difficult to enter for men and impossible for women.

Festivals, cultural events and parties of Halkidiki 

In Halkidiki, there are cultural festivals and events taking place all year round, but like with the rest of the Mediterranean countries, the majority of festivals and parties take place during the summer. If you wish to organise your own floating feast, why not gather a few of your best mates and launch a yacht party in the gorgeous waters of Halkidiki? On the mainland, there are also many events happening. The Agios Mamas feast, in the homonymous village of Halkidiki, takes place in early September, it lasts one week and includes a trade fair, traditional music concerts and other events. Since 1992, the Sani Festival is one of the most important summer festivals in Halkidiki as it features loads of events including concerts, theatre performances, lectures and art exhibitions. The Carnival of Polygiros is another very popular feast that includes treasure hunts, parade and other events.

Food & Wine

Halkidiki region’s middle peninsula, Sithonia, is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the beautiful natural landscape. The piece of land has been renowned since the old days for the quality of its grapes and wine. Here, a visit isn't complete without a trip to a winery for a local wine and cheese tasting. And what about getting your hands dirty in the kitchen too? There are plenty of cooking classes going on at authentic Greek tavernas. And once you've cooked and eaten some tzatziki, gyro, horiatiki, keftedes and kokoretsi, don't forget to work off all the delicious food you ate by taking a leisurely walk among the beautiful olive trees. 


Get a map and visit as many beaches as possible.
Play with, in, below the water but remember to put lots of sunscreens!
Respect local traditions and superstitions. 


Don't miss on the water sports activities! 
Respect Mount Athos and don't attempt to entry without obtaining permission first if you are a man (women not allowed).
Don't criticise or underestimate the political and economical situation. Greeks, in general, are very attached to their country, so comments on this topics are better avoided. 

Best time to go

Summer in Halkidiki is peak season since it's the best weather of the year, but there are also more people travelling to the region. Spring and Autumn feature pleasant weather without the crowds. Winter instead is probably the best way to keep the place to yourself and only share it with the locals. 

Best way to go

Thessaloniki is the starting point for any trip to Halkidiki and you can reach Thessaloniki by plane, train, car or ship. The port of Kavála, which enjoys frequent ferry connections, is also nearby and from there you can pick any of our many charter boats, private boat tours and cruises to Halkidiki. 

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