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Hope Spot-Coral Triangle Maritime Life Protection
Hope Spot - Western Pacific Donut Holes Conservation Measures
Hope Spot - Micronesian Islands: this pristine region is greater in size than the United States
Hope Spot - Coral Sea: protect one of the world living wonders
Hope Spot - French Overseas Territories: Wallis & Futuna Islands Protection
Hope Spot - Lord Howe Rise: more than 100 species found nowhere else on Earth
Hope Spot - Tasman Sea: protect endangered species
Hope Spot - Kermadec Trench: protect this unique submarine channel
Hope Spot - Subantarctic Islands and Surrounding Seas: the least human-modified environments
Hope Spot - Bering Sea Deep Canyons: protect this precious ecosystem
Hope Spot - Emperor Seamount Chain: in the darkness of the deep ocean
Hope Spot - Central Arctic Ocean: the only remaining place free from commercial fishing
Hope Spot - Ross Sea: help protect the most pristine marine ecosystem on Earth
Hope Spot - The White Shark Cafe: protect this area of seasonal aggregation
Hope Spot - Northwest Passage: the largest narwhal congregation on Earth
Hope Spot - Scott Islands: protect this critical habitat for seabirds
Hope Spot - Gulf of the Farallones: support a wide variety of sea life
Hope Spot - Gulf of California: one of the world’s richest and youngest seas
Hope Spot - Cashes Ledge: protect this nursery for New England fish
Hope Spot - Gulf of Mexico Deep Reefs: preserve this biodiversity hotspot
Hope Spot - Bahamian Reefs: protect endangered species
Hope Spot - Southeast Shoal of the Grand Banks: where mammoths once walked
Hope Spot - Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone: support ocean's health and diversity
Hope Spot - Sargasso Sea: Earth’s only sea without a land boundary
Hope Spot - Mesoamerican Reefs: the second-largest barrier reef on Earth
Hope Spot - Central American Dome: support marine predators such as tuna, dolphins, and cetaceans
Hope Spot - Eastern Pacific Seascape: unique environmental and cultural importance
Hope Spot - Salas y Gómez and Nazca Ridges: protect unique species
Hope Spot - Pacific Subtropical Convergence Zone
Hope Spot - Chilean Fjords & Islands: protect unique local species
Hope Spot - Chiloe National Park Expansion
Hope Spot - Patagonian Shelf: the widest shelf in the world
Hope Spot - Abrolhos Bank: the highest marine biodiversity in the southern Atlantic
Hope Spot - Ascension Island: protect seabirds
Hope Spot - Spitsbergen Island: protect polar bears
Hope Spot - Gakkel Ridge: unlocking secrets of our planet
Hope Spot - Gulf of Guinea: protect this important habitat
Hope Spot - Balearic Islands: hot spots for endangered species
Hope Spot - Kosterfjorden: high diversity of marine species
Hope Spot - False Bay: help protect South Africa from pollution
Hope Spot - Cape Whale Coast: protect the African penguins
Hope Spot - Knysna: protect unique species
Hope Spot - Plett: help fur seals
Hope Spot - Algoa Bay: protect breeding colonies
Hope Spot - Aliwal Shoal: an ancient fossilized shoreline
Hope Spot - The Agulhas Front: a key feeding area for the endangered Amsterdam Albatross
Hope Spot - Coral Seamount: protect the Indian Ocean
Hope Spot - Walter's Shoal: protect the coast in Madagascar
Hope Spot - Atlantis Bank: protect the Indian Ridge
Hope Spot - Grand Récif de Toliara: protect over 500 reef species
Hope Spot - East Antarctic Peninsula: support penguins, seals, krill, and toothfish
Hope Spot - Outer Seychelles: protect the largest shallow tropical marine ecosystem
Hope Spot - Chagos Archipelago: help save low-lying coral islands
Hope Spot - Maldive Atolls: Save this species-rich marine area
Hope Spot - Lakshadweep Islands: help preserve the highest diversity reef in India
Hope Spot - Andaman Islands: save one of the world's richest marine environments
Hope Spot - Mergui Archipelago: protect Myanmar
The Last Plastic Straw
Plastic Pollution
Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

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