Nowboat, the first all-in-one seafaring adventure platform offers enhanced UX and environmental conservation initiative Hong Kong.

Nowboat, the first all-in-one seafaring adventure platform is revolutionizing the travel industry by giving operators free business management tools, giving travelers exclusively curated global sea adventures, and giving environmental NGOs a fundraising platform.
Nowboat 2.0 launched in May 2016, adding even greater value to this unique and easy-to-use business ecosystem with enhanced user experience elements and added functionalities. “A lot of people assume that we are similar to Uber or Airbnb in our concept, but this is not true,” says founder Giovanni Alessi Anghini.
The nowboat mission is to be the first transparent and virtuous business model in its industry, supporting and celebrating all involved and serving as an example of exceptional business design.
A necessity guided by three main goals:

To create an easy, fast, and enjoyable way for adventurers to satisfy their desire for discovery. To support professional seafaring operators by making unique adventures available to all travelers. To protect the oceans through environmental conservation and creating awareness.

The 2.0 launch will open up a new kind of user experience, including an Editor’s Pick section with travel tips and suggestions, an Ask A Porter section which puts the customer directly in touch with operators to provide personalized recommendations, and a section for NGOs to apply for partnership in the environmental conservation initiative.

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